Tired of searching the internet for lures fishing rock fishing and not find them?. In Chinesteta we offer you our handmade lures made of wood for rock fishing. We have 4 different models , with different shapes and characteristics, to offer the fisherman more posibilities in this fishing. We call fishing fishing with very light equipment (action rods 1-7 g and 1000 reels) and we use very light lures, according to the equipment we use. All kinds of species are fished in the sea and minnows and walkers are used to deceive them. Our Chinestetas will offer you a launch far superior to the traditional plastic lures, you will arrive where you have never arrived.

But, before getting into the subject, let’s see a brief introduction on rock fishing, a very funny fishing.

Rock fishing fishing

Rock fishing fishing became popular a few years ago and today it is a type of fishing used by many fishermen and fisherwomen. It is a simple and economic fishing because with little money we can have a good team and with a few lures we can cover all kinds of situations. Now let’s talk about the team, the cane is usually short, 1.8 m and 1-5 g action or 1-7 g, are very light rods and do not tire fishing with them. The reel is in line with the reed and usually uses a 500 or a 1000.

The lures for rock fishing can be made of vinyl or hard material, plastic or wood. We here in Chinesteta Lures manufacture minnows and walkers of linden wood, which is a wood that floats and weighs. With the linden we get some lures with very good movement in the water and that reach a distance much higher than plastic lures. We make 4 different models: the Sorino 50 , the Sorino 60 , the Llobarro 60 and the Killer 60 . All have a very small size 50 or 60 mm and a weight over 6 g. With them you will be able to fish all kinds of species: seabass, bream, pigeon, obladas, needles, groupers, horse mackerel, horse mackerel, etc.


A sea bass, captured with Llobarro 60

 sinuelos-pesca-rockfishing A sea bream, caught with a Sorino 50

How to choose the best lure for rock fishing

I think it is necessary to explain the 4 Chinesteta models that we manufacture and their characteristics.

Sorino 50

The Sorino 50 is the smallest Chinesteta lure, but despite this has been a lure that has achieved many captures to rockfishing Exclusively designed for this fishing, it is a small minnow of linden wood, with a different shape to the minnows we know. It has a bevel cut that is the bait of this lure and makes it sink and move waddling about a foot from the surface. It has a size of 50 mm and a weight of 5 g, it is a floating lure.

 fishing lures-Sorino-50

Chinesteta for rock fishing, the Sorino 50

Sorino 60

Our Sorino 60 was the first lure for rock fishing that we made and the one that catches the most, of all our Chinesteta models . Like his little brother, the Sorino 50, is a floating minnow with a bevelled head that causes it to sink when it picks up and moves sinuously. It launches very well thanks to being made of solid wood and you will get many captures to rock fishing. It has a measurement of 60 mm and a weight of 6 g.

 fishing lures-Sorino-60

Sorino 60

Llobarro 60

The Llobarro 60 is a smaller walker that we manufacture. It maintains the shape and the leaden of its older brothers, the Llobarro 100 and the Llobarro 120. And above all its best virtue is the distance it reaches when thrown, its aerodynamic shape makes it fly and does not slow down in the air. And then when you fall into the water you can move it in zigzag and give it pauses, since it is a floating walker. Especially suitable with sea bass, in fact has achieved many of them, but valid for all types of rockfishing species. With a size of 60 mm and a weight of 6 g, it will be a fixed in your fishing box.

 El Llobarro 60 The Llobarro 60 lure for rock fishing 

Killer 60

Our Killer 60 is a miniature pencil popper, with the same characteristics but at 60 mm. It is a floating surface lure that has a short movement and can also poppear (spit water) with its mouth. It is very nice to fish with him and you will get many attacks and many catches. If you have sea bass and anchovies in your waters, this is your Chinesteta. It measures 60 mm and weighs 6 g, made of linden wood.

 decoys- de pesca-Killer-60 Lure for rock fishing, our Killer 60 

We’ve already introduced you to our 4 models: Sorino 50 , Sorino 60 , Llobarro 60 and Killer 60 .

We advise you if necessary, choose your chinesteta and fish.

señuelos pesca rockfishing

 rockfishing Needle caught with a Llobarro 60

 rockfishing Rock fishing lures


Spider caught with the Killer 60