Llobarro 30


Smallest handmade surface slider in the market. 30mm and 2g

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The Llobarro 30 is the smaller brother of the Llobarro 100. It was born with ajing fever and for years it was only a prototype, no one had fallen for this little model. Until a few months ago Jose Manuel Escalona, ​​through Instagram, asked me if I had a model that weighed about 3 g and I remembered the Llobarro 30. It is a very small stroller, measuring 30 mm and weighing 2 grams. It is undoubtedly the most complicated chinesteta to plumb, it requires great precision, so that it is inclined like a floating walker. Once this first Llobarro 30 of 2020 was prepared, I sent it to Jose Manuel and he has been using it during these weeks, with very good results. His photos have reached all those who fish ultralight and what was a single Llobarro 30, has now become a few more requests.

By popular request I add this Llobarro 30 to the products on my website, so that it can be bought easily.

In all our models you can choose the color, you have 18 colors in our color chart. You can choose a color and to confirm it, once the order is made you have a white box for comments, there you can put the color you want. In this case, with the Llobarro 30 being so small, I will have to study how each color can be.

It is a surface slider type, floating and especially suitable for ultra light fishing. Its biggest advantage is an incredible launch. Even being very small, the Llobarro 30 achieves very long distances thanks to its aerodynamic shape and its plumb line. Fishermen who have used it confirm that the Llobarro 30 can make the difference between fishing and not fishing.

This fishing lure is very versatile. It is suitable for both freshwater and sea fishing. In addition, it can move at a fast or slow speed, according to the need that the fish mark us.

This model wears two Owner St-36BC X trebles hooks in size # 14. This triple is suitable for the Llobarro 30, it is strong enough to resist the attack of any fish.

The Llobarro 30 is a silent lure: like all the fishing lures of the Chinesteta brand, it does not have rattles. Fish have become accustomed to the sound of rattles, and flee from them as soon as they hear them.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 30 mm