LLobarro 60


Notable for its cast and wind resistance. 60 mm and 6 g


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The Llobarro 60 handcrafted lure is a floating stick bait for rock fishing, made of wood. This lure is very versatile, great for both the sea and fresh water. Its small size makes it ideal for light fishing or rock fishing.

The Llobarro 60 stands out for its aerodynamic shape, which helps it fly especially well. Because of its wooden manufacture and its weighting at the back, from the moment it is launched until it falls into the water, the lure traces a perfect line through the air, without being affected by the wind. For this reason it travels much greater distances than a plastic lure.

The Llobarro 60 model has a very free movement. After landing in the water, the Llobarro 60 makes very wide movements, which allows the fisherman to move the lure around very slowly. This attracts even the more suspicious fish, who would detect an unusual movement, but in this case they do not hesitate to bite it. But this modelis also capable of moving quickly if needed.

This model has two VMC 9626PS x3 triples, in size # 8. It is a reinforced triple, very resistant to sea water and to attacks from the most aggressive predators.

The Llobarro 60 is a quiet lure because and doesn’t rattle.

Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 60 mm