Sea Bass 120


It has very short attractive movement and size, which makes it suitable for species with teeth. 120 mm and 18 g


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The Sea Bass 120 lure is an ideal fishing lure for fish such as sea bass or angelfish. The Seabass 120 is also suitable for species with teeth such as the angelfish. Since it is longer, we can avoid he problem of  fish swallowing the entire lure and cutting the line. This small difference in size might make the difference between catching the fish or losing the lure.

This lure has a very short movements due to its beveled head, which collides with the water and slows down the forward movement of the lure.

Since it’s made of wood, its weight and buoyancy make it very adaptable to rougher sea conditions. The Sea Bass 120 withstands impacts from the water very well, unlike a plastic lure.

This model has two VMC 9626PS x3 triples, in size # 4. It is a reinforced triple, which withstands salt water very well and is also very resistant to attacks by fish.

This model, like all Chinesteta Lures, does not rattles. This is how we avoid frightening the fish, who already know this sound and can become suspicious.

Additional information

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 120 mm