This year Chinesteta, the artisanal fishing lures manufacturer, has entered into a number of differenent sponsorship deals. It has reached agreements with 11 different organisations, as well as with some national fishing championships.

Naturally, this sponsorship has consisted of providing each with wooden Chinesteta lures. These lures are awarded as prizes in the local and national competitions held by each club.
Here are a few of the organisations Chesteta has had deals with:

  • Almeria Spinning
  • Minglabass Club
  • Club Peskayakisla
  • Club de Pesca Motril
  • Club Surfcasting Granada
  • Club de pesca deportiva Almenara
  • Club Bassmaster Alberic
  • Club de Pesca Deportiva Alcora
  • Kayak Fishing Levante
  • Club de Pesca Deportiva Benicarló

Chinesteta sets a benchmark when it comes to handcrafted fishing lures, and these days more and more fishermen are opting for them. They are much more effective than other lures both in salt water and freshwater, thanks to their individualised manufacturing.