Sorino 95


C’est un vairon de bois fabriqué à la main pour l’eau douce et salée. Il est très bien projeté en raison de sa forme et du poids du bois. 95 mm et 10 g

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The Sorino 95 fishing lure is a floatable type of pencil popper made of wood. It is small and ideal for rock fishing. Although it is best-suited to the sea, it could also be used in fresh water.

The Sorino 95 flies very well, due to the characteristic shape in which it is built and also due to it being made with solid wood.

This fishing lure has two movements – a gliding movement, which can be either fast or slow, and a “popping” movement. Its bevelled shaped head allows it to collide with the water, producing a unique sound, when it is pulled back in a lineal manner. This sound attracts predators, who do not hesitate to pounce on it.

The Sorino 95 model has two size 8 VMC 9626PS x3 trebles.

The Sorino 95 fishing lure does not have rattles, a feature which is typical in plastic fishing lures. As it is silent, the fish do not flee from its sound.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 95 mm


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