Spin 3/8 oz


It stands out for its vibration in the water and for provoking attacks by reaction. 3/8 oz (10 g)

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The Spin 3/8 oz is a homemade spinnerbait made of lead and very effective, which causes many attacks by reaction due to the vibration it produces in the water. The Spin 3/8 oz has an aerodynamic design, which makes it move very easily in the water and is very natural for the fish that see it.

You can choose color and to confirm it, once the order is made you have a white box of comments, there you can put the color you want and the model.

This handmade spinnerbait has a very good launch, due to its shape. We can take it both fast and slow, depending on what the predators ask us for at that moment.

The Spin 3/8 oz is an ideal fishing lure for bass and pike fishing.

This model has an Owner 5131 hook, size # 4/0. It is a silver hook, very resistant to the bites of fish.

This model is mounted with a single willow blade .. Which is what produces the vibrations in the water and will make the predators interested in our lure.

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Weight 10 g