Propeller 120


Notable for the sound and vibrations produced by its propellers.


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The Propeller 120 is a floating propeller. This fishing lure is made of wood and manufactured exclusively for the fishing of freshwater predators.

It has two propellers: one at the front and one at the rear. By jerking it in a linear manner the propellers spin, splash water and emit a very particular sound. Its vibrations provoke what we are looking for: an attack from predators. It differs from the Propeller 100 in that it also has a front propeller. This propeller helps generate more vibrations, more sound and also weighs more.

We can jerk it or pull it along continuously as needed. When you jerk it upwards, the propellers make a stronger impact against the water and generate more noise. When pulling it in a line, the propellers rotate and produce less vibrations, this movement is ideal when  predators are not active.

This handcrafted fishing lure VMC 7545 Spark Point hooks. It’s made of carbon, has a special sharpening to penetrate predators’ flesh more easily and is widely used by fishermen in competition.

This model emits sound due to the movement of its propellers, but it doesn’t rattle or generate unnatural noises that would cause suspicion in predators.

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Dimensions 120 mm


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