Palo 130


Outstanding for the number of attacks it provokes, as well as for its movement. 130 mm and 30 g

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The Palo 130 is a very effective fishing lure made of wood, which invites many attacks due to its special wiggle movement in the water. The Palo 130 maintains a slightly inclined position, almost horizontal relative to the surface, which makes it very natural for the fish that run into it.

This handcrafted fishing lure moves in a very wide path, as a result of its special handmade shape. It can be moved both quickly and slowly, depending on what the predator is doing.

The Palo 130 is an ideal fishing lure for catching angelfish and sea bass.

This model has two VMC 9626PS x3 triples, size # 2/0. They are triple reinforced, and very resistant to fish bites and salt water.

Like all Chinesteta Lures, this model does not rattle. This prevents fish from getting suspicious and escaping, as a result of hearing sounds that they already associate with fishing.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 130 mm


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