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Llobarro 80


It stands out for its launch and the ease of movement. 80 mm and 8 g

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The Llobarro 80 is a superb lure by Chinesteta. This is our most sought after fishing lure, and with the longest history in our catalogue. Like all Chinesteta lures, it is made of solid wood.

This is a floating stick bait type lure, especially suitable for light spinning. Its biggest advantage is an incredible cast. Even with it’s small size, the Llobarro 80 reaches very long distances due to its aerodynamic shape and weight. Fishermen who have used it confirm that the Llobarro 80 can make all the difference between catching fish and not catching fish.

This is a very versatile fishing lure. It’s suitable for both freshwater and sea fishing. In addition, it can move at fast or slow speeds, depending on the actions of the fish..

This model carries two VMC 9626PS x3 triples, in size # 6. This triple is reinforced, so it withstands fish bites and sea water very well.

The Llobarro 80 is silent: like all fishing lures by Chinesteta, it doesn’t rattle. Fish have become accustomed to the sound of rattles and flee as soon as they hear them.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 80 mm