Fangler 140


Known for its unparalleled cast. It can exceed the cast of a conventional lure by up to 30 or 40 metres (130ft)


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The Fangler 140 is the most successful Chinesteta sea fishing lure used from the shore. It’s a sunken type skipping lure, weighing 45 grammes. Most of the weight is concentrated at the back, which allows it to cover large distances when cast. In fact we can beat the cast of a conventional lure by around 30 or 40 metres! (up to 130ft)

Once it’s in the water, it is very simple to make a very wide movement with it. Even beginner fishermen will be able to master it quickly. It’s the perfect lure for those who are starting out in the fishing world as well as for the more experienced: The Fangler 140 has an unbeatable cast and movement, which makes it lethal underwater.

This is a sunken lure that rises to the surface when taken. It is used as a floating stick bait and works at the speed desired by the fisherman.

The Fangler 140 was designed exclusively for angel fishing. Its large size makes it impossible for the fish to swallow, since the angelfish always attacks from the back. Angelfish are very voracious and aggressive, and will not hesitate to attack this versatile lure.

This is a handcrafted lure especially designed for surface fishing, which can be spectacular with the drama that the fish make when attacking the lures.

Like all Chinesteta Lures, this model is silent. It doesn’t rattle, which is a sound most fish are now already used to.

This fishing lure has two triple VMC 9626PS x3, size # 2/0. It is a reinforced treble, which withstands salt water very well, and is very resistant to fish attacks.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 140 mm


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