Bass 120


What makes this lure different is its almost horizontal position with relative to the surface of the water and that it is able to remain still.


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The Bass 120 fishing lure is especially designed for bass fishing in rivers, lakes and swamps. It is a wooden lure that is weighted so that it floats almost horizontally relative to the surface, inclined at a slight angle. This position makes it a natural target for predators.

The Bass 120 has a very particular short stroke. You can make an abrupt stop or let it drift in a very natural manner. After moving it and then leaving it still, the lure will remain parallel to the surface in a very natural position.

As it is made of wood, the cast is especially good and we can reach we can reach the most hidden fish, even without a weight.

The Bass 120 has two VMC 7545 Spark Point triples. Its modern shape with hooks pointing inward increase the catch rate. It has Spark Point tips that improve the penetration into the jaw of the predator. It has a carbon triple which is often used by the most experienced fisherman in competition

The Bass 120 is a fishing lure which does not rattle. As it is silent, the fish do not become suspicious and are therefore more likely to attack.

Additional information

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 120 mm


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